Due to Covid19, On the Eaten Track Food tours to San Francisco and New York City have been cancelled for 2020.
> Cooking Masterclasses, Pantry Revamps and Coaching/Consulting are available online until further notice.

> Contactless delivery is available for booz(E) cakes, essential(E) real food range, and in-home dining with reheat/cook instructions.

A photo of Elizabeth Marshall chef Speciality Catering and Cakes Private Masterclasses and Cooking Parties in her production kitchenWhether you want to find food inspiration, learn how to cook or prefer someone cook for you, Elizabeth will help you be the talk of the table!

Elizabeth Marshall is the chef and mastermind behind her own brand of cooking classes, in-home dining, specialty catering, and truly decadent boozE cakes made in Wellington, New Zealand.

At the end of 2019, Chef “E” launched her own artisan range, essential(E), starting with her essential(E) Organic Walnut Butter, Rosemary and essential(E) Walnut Butter, Sweet.

She says, “the essential(E) range is real food from me to you to nourish your body, mind and puku. If you want to make a shift towards better living by supporting your body and mind through food OR you already eat to nourish yourself from the inside out, I’ve created this range especially for you!” And her whole business is moving into a holistic approach to well-being and food. 

“E” is well versed in classic to modern culinary techniques. She’s also known for her skills in catering for those with special dietary needs. Chef “E” creates delicious free from* recipes everyone can enjoy together.


*free from is a term used for recipes or dishes that are free from a standard ingredient for example gluten free, dairy free or egg free.