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Imagine a world where “feeling comfortable in your own skin” wasn’t something people wish they could be… but something you ACTUALLY GET TO EXPERIENCE.

Something that lets you wear what you want… to eat at a restaurant and enjoy a celebration without needing to wear your stretchy pants, or needing to purge, over exercise, or restrict the next day. 

Something that lets you know that when people stare… it’s because they want the CONFIDENCE you have! 

Empower yourself to heal your relationship with food, your body, and ultimately yourself from the comfort of your own home, or office, anywhere in the world with me, Elizabeth Marshall – Chef E Health Coach, E for short, walking alongside you.

When we align with our values change is easy - Elizabeth Marshall -Chef E Health Coach Quote with an image of a brain half brain half flowers growing.

I’m a chef turned trauma informed professional Holistic Health Coach*, and Eating Recovery Coach providing you with support so you can step into your utmost health to feel energised and capable of doing the things that matter to you, feel confident AND comfortable in your own skin, and to be able to eat food to nourish your body rather than feed your emotions or punish yourself.

With online and in-person 1-2-1 Holistic Health Coaching and Eating Recovery Coaching, wellbeing and cooking courses, retreats, cooking masterclasses and demos, and recipes for the kitchen and for life, let’s nourish your body, mind and puku (belly).

* PREKURE Certified Health Coach, PREKURE Certified Mental Health Coach, Accredited through Heath Coaches Australia & New Zealand.

Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand HCANZA Accredited Health and Wellness Coach

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