What Clients Have to Say

I love receiving feedback from clients – so I can improve as a coach. And, of course, I love hearing how much health coaching, mental fitness coaching, or eating recovery coaching has made a positive impact in their lives.

I work with people from all backgrounds and varying needs. Each client is the expert of themselves so I meet people where they are at in order to support them in a way that serves them and their goals best. Confidentiality is also hugely important. I only post things with permission.

Here’s what some have to say…

Testimonial for Elizabeth Marshall Chef E Health Coach on green with a picture of the sea in the background. It reads: I contacted Elizabeth because I wanted to explore ways of improving my performance around two separate issues over the past 9 months.

Working with Elizabeth has enabled me to feel empowered and at peace in two really important areas of my life.

Her gentle, compassionate, respectful approach left me feeling listened to and understood. Not only did I gain new insights into the situations but Elizabeth offered me the opportunities to develop and use some simple but powerful tools.

These undoubtedly help me feel empowered and more at ease in handling these and other challenges. I will certainly be using them going forward to better handle many aspects of my life.

MG | Mental Fitness Coaching

Photo in background is of a path down to New Brighton beach in Christchurch I took while visiting a close family friend who’s in a rest home there.

Testimonial for Elizabeth Marshall Chef E Health Coach on green with a picture of a lady outside in a green space popping into pic from side. It reads: I began working with Elizabeth as I wanted a more holistic approach to my health that didn't follow a strict meal plan which I would inevitably fall off, as I have with previous traditional "diets".

Elizabeth helped me work through breaking down aspects of my relationship with food. It was very eye opening digging deeper into my psychology of how these thoughts have been formed over the years, even since childhood. It was great going into the sessions with an open mind as the coaching sessions often didn't take the path I was expecting.

Elizabeth is great at asking questions that take your thinking that little bit deeper. It was helpful breaking down goals into smaller chunks and actually having someone ask the what (โ€˜whyโ€™) and how? This was great as often I get caught up in the end goal rather than how I was going to get there. I appreciated Elizabeth's honesty, if she wasnโ€™t an expert in an area she would seek support from her wider Prekure community to assist. I would recommend Elizabeth's coaching to anyone who is ready to take their health into their own hands and look at it from a new perspective.

Six months on from when I finished working with Elizabeth I still hold onto nuggets of gold which help me in day to day... I remind myself of whatโ€™s important and how it feels to succeed.

Lauren | Health Coaching

Photo in background is a stock photo from Canva.