Mind Over Mouth

Next 9 week Group Health Coaching Program STARTS soon. Get in touch!

Mind Over Mouth is my signature Masterclass, and new 9 week Group Health Coaching Program for those who want food freedom – to be able to eat food to nourish your body rather than feed your emotions, to be able to eat a treat without feeling guilty, and to feel confident your food cravings won’t take over.

THIS IS NOT A “DIET” Program. This is a new way of life, with you in the drivers seat.

I know you know what to do, and I support you to do it! Whether your goal is to curb emotional and/or binge eating, to be successful on your fat reduction journey*, to avoid bariatric surgery, or to get healthy and shift your body image, Mind Over Mouth was created for YOU!

As someone who has lived most of her life in the restricting, then bingeing, then shaming cycle I know what it’s like. And through getting help myself, and through my Health Coach and Eating Recovery (Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating) training, I’ve come out the other side to food freedom.

The Masterclass is an overview on how to start kicking cravings, binge eating, and emotional eating to the curb.

The 9 Week Group Coaching Program goes deep into HEALING, NOURISHING and CREATING a new food/health story to put it into action.

*I prefer saying fat reduction rather than weight loss or weight reduction because our weight isn’t just fat.