Health Coaching

Health Coaching uses the art of coaching along with behaviour change techniques and health science to support you holistically. A health coach is like having a life coach along with a personal trainer in:

  • nutrition (body and puku/belly)
  • sleep (body, mind and puku/belly)
  • mental fitness (mind and body)
  • movement (body and mind)
  • and connection (body, mind, and spirit)

Similarly, to Te Whare Tapa Whā, the four walls of well-being, if one area is unsupported or neglected, it can affect the whole person.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ family who also happens to be adopted, living with ADHD, and has experience with binge eating and addiction, E is passionate about empowering all people, to make a shift towards improved nutrition and food relationships, physical health, and emotional well-being.

It’s challenging and time consuming trying to figure out how to improve your health on your own – especially if you’re battling habits you’ve had your whole life. Having a Health Coach walk beside you can make a huge difference to your success. Please get in touch!

And, if you need a hand in the kitchen, Chef E empowers you to feel confident in your cooking so you can truly support your health and well-being journey. Afterall… food is medicine! Get in touch.

* puku is Te Reo Māori for belly

What to expect with Health Coaching

Health Coaching is all about YOU. You are the expert of you. We focus on what you want to focus on. Health Coaching is not prescriptive. As a health coach, I simply guide you by asking questions to get a better understanding of you, your health, values, beliefs, and patterns. At times, if you want, I may offer lifestyle medicine or a challenge to help you reach your goals.

Sessions are typically 1hr, but our first session together is 1.5-2hrs – it’s what I call our Discovery/Planning Session. Here we delve into what’s important in your life, what health means to you, your values, where you are now, and what goals and aspirations you may have 9-12 weeks together and/or the future. We finish with a shorter coaching session so we can start working on what’s most important to change in your life.

Then we meet weekly for 5-8 weeks. You choose the focus of each session. Some clients like to do a quick recap of their week to find a focus from what went well and where they may need more support. And at the end of each session, I help you get clear on what you want to put into action during the coming week, and how best to keep you accountable!

After 5-8 weeks depending on your progress and how you’re feeling, we may decide to meet bi-weekly or monthly for the remaining sessions. This is like taking the training wheels off, but I’m there for you if any wobbles crop up along the way.

And as a PreKure Certified and HCANZA Accredited Health Coach (and PreKure Health Coaching Programme Coaching Facilitator), I also come with a network of medical and mental health professionals.

But, what is crucial to your success is the work you do and the discoveries you make in-between sessions. You are in the driver’s seat. As your health coach I hold the process.

Behaviour change for health and mental health is not linear. Making real and lasting change is a journey. A journey in understanding what makes you tick, how to draw on your strengths, and how to pick yourself up to move forward when things haven’t gone perfectly.

Coaching Bundles start from $950 for 9 sessions, $1188 for 12 sessions. This also includes resources if and when needed, and a private WhatsApp chat for support and accountability in-between sessions.

Please contact me to book a free 20 minute phone “meet & greet” to see if I’m the right health coach for you. Look forward to hearing from you.