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What started as a sauce blog for those wanting to try some of my recipes and techniques before booking a one-to-one cooking session, has grown into much, much more.

From sauces, to matching food and drink, to my favourite recipes and techniques… to now… cooking to help our physical and mental well being including using doTERRA essential oils for flavouring.

It’s been a journey! One I hope you will join with me.

And, I love hearing from you so please make sure to comment or ask questions. In saying that, I receive so much spam I do vet comments before they appear. If you’re looking for a quick answer, head over to my facebook, instagram or twitter.

Sauces ~ see below

Perfectly Paired Tidbits ~ Recipes matched with something to drink.

Essential Eating ~ Using dōTERRA essential oils in recipes. COMING SOON!!!

E’s Favourite Things ~ My favourite recipes or delicious recipes I’ve created using my favourite ingredients and artisan products. COMING SOON!!!

Tidbits with Recipes ~ All my published food stories and recipes in one place (please note I’m in process of uploading them!!!).

Recipe Box ~ for those who just want the flipping recipe.

Photo of Elizabeth Marshall's MasterChef New Zealand SFF venison and fondant kumara with juniper and smoked kelp demi glace Wellington catering
Silver Fern Farms Venison, Braised Cabbage, Fondant Kumara and Spikes with a Juniper and Smoked Kelp Demi Glace

Saucy stories, recipes and tips! Shhh, it’s a blog… a sauce blog!

  1. “Where’s the sauce?” – An Easy Hollandaise Sauce
  2.  Simply Sweet Bourbon Caramel Sauce
  3. The Roux to Béchamel – and ultimately cheese sauce!

The story behind the stories…

A dish without sauce is like cart without a horse – it can stand on its own but doesn’t travel to great heights!

I struggled for a while to come up with a fine-tuned blog topic. Then one night, while watching my guilty pleasure – a helping of My Kitchen Rules Australia, it hit me… “Where is the Sauce?!” Manu exclaims!

Of course! So often home cooks focus on the “hero” of the dish and the sauce is an afterthought. But the true hero is the sauce: it adds flavour, dimension, and quite often ties the whole dish together. Stocks and sauces are taught towards the beginning of culinary training and chefs may train years to become a saucier – one of the highest stations in a brigade style commercial kitchen.

So I am sharing with you saucy tidbits to take your dishes to the next level from savoury to sweet, basic to advanced.

Sauce (noun): 1. a liquid or semi-liquid preparation served with food to add flavour or richness. 2. something adding piquancy, excitement.  The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary

To having food, cooking food & sharing food! Enjoy!

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