Elizabeth’s Story

For the last 4 years, I have been cooking all over New Zealand, Australia and the United States as a personal chef providing in-home dining and teaching people how to cook and bake.

Cooking from scratch is such an important skill – and even more so in today’s prepackaged food society and fast food convenience. I love empowering people to see how easy AND FAST it can be to make your own food without all the preservatives.

Make sure to book or GIFT one of my Masterclasses or if you’re not sure how to transition from packets to a real food pantry book a Pantry Revamp.

And for those who really don’t want to do it for themselves,  I’ve recently launched my own artisan food range essential(E) – real food from me to you. Make sure to check it out.

If there is something you’d like without the preservatives, get in touch and I’ll see if it’s possible to add to the range.

I have years of experience cooking for kids to adults and creating delicious gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free and sugar free versions of peoples’ favourite recipes.

Picture of Elizabeth Marshall MasterChef New Zealand in Shed 5 Kitchen Wellington

Cooking and baking has always been in my blood, and since I could stand on the kitchen stool! As an adoptee, I’ve only recently found out that it really is in the blood as I come from a line of bakers, chefs, restaurant and bar owners.

It was later in life that I decided I wanted to turn my love of food and cooking into a career. The only way I could see how was to compete in MasterChef New Zealand (MCNZ).

Even though I only made it to Top 8, the experience of learning from three top New Zealand chefs, guest chefs from around the world and the other talented competitors (who are still my friends) was priceless.

Returning home from filming, I gained valuable kitchen experience at Martin Bosley’s. I then worked as a production chef at Sarah Searancke Catering before I was offered a job as a chef at two of MCNZ judge Simon Gault’s then restaurants in Wellington – all kitchens I am extremely grateful for the time working and learning from some of Wellington’s top chefs.

I’m a lover of all things food and drink, colourful people, places and things. Passionate about celebrating diversity through food and sharing my knowledge along the way. And in 2020, I’m adding international food tours to the list of offerings! Starting with the United States,

Community is very important to me and I enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of others. I also enjoy spending time with my amazingly supportive partner and our two Jack Russell Foxies.

I look forward to bringing my love of food, cooking, baking and patisserie and travel to you! Thanks for supporting me to support you and others! Now, time to get cooking!

Good Bitches Baking Logo                  Picture of chocolate cake truffles covered in rainbow sprinkles made by Elizabeth Marshall for Good Bitches Baking

Pic of Elizabeth Marshall MasterChef New Zealand in the article from the Indepent Herald 12_5_15 promoting her Kaibosh Make a Meal In May fundraising Dinner with a Difference in Wellington               Photogrid of pictures from Elizabeth Marshall MasterChef New Zealand Kaibosh Fundraiser for Make a Meal in May - Dinner With A Difference in Wellington